Why DIY Driveway Repairs Fall Short: Choose G&G Driveways for Professional Solutions

home driveway

While embracing a DIY spirit for various home improvement projects can be commendable and cost-effective, there are certain tasks that should be left to professionals. Driveway repair, in particular, requires specialized knowledge, tools, and experience that DIY solutions often cannot match. In this article, we will discuss the limitations of DIY driveway repairs and the benefits of hiring a professional team, like G&G Driveways, to ensure your Texas property receives the highest-quality care.

Delving into the complexities of driveway repair, we will cover common repair issues, the inadequacies associated with quick-fix DIY approaches, and the advantages of enlisting professional help. G&G Driveways’ expertise, attention to detail, and commitment to customer satisfaction make us your preferred choice for durable, long-lasting driveway repair solutions.

Common Driveway Repair Issues

Before delving into the limitations of DIY repairs, it’s crucial to understand common driveway issues requiring attention. These include:

  1. Cracks: Small hairline cracks can eventually widen and deepen, allowing water to infiltrate the pavement, leading to more severe problems, such as potholes or structural failure.
  2. Potholes: Potholes form when water seeps into the pavement through cracks or imperfections and weakens the underlying layers, causing the surface to crumble under the weight of vehicles.
  3. Drainage Issues: Poorly designed or maintained driveways can lead to water pooling on the surface or along the edges, causing damage like cracks, potholes, and erosion.
  4. Faded Color or Faded Striping: Over time, harsh UV rays and weather conditions can cause discoloration, making the driveway appear aged and unsightly.

Limitations of DIY Driveway Repair

While some homeowners attempt to tackle driveway repair projects using DIY methods, they often face several challenges and limitations:

  1. Inadequate Tools or Materials: DIY repairs typically involve using basic tools and readily available materials, which might not be sufficient for addressing major issues or ensuring long-lasting repairs.
  2. Lack of Experience and Expertise: Driveway repair entails a solid grasp of technical know-how and appropriate application techniques. A lack of experience can result in subpar repairs or further damage to your pavement.
  3. Ineffective Solutions: DIY quick fixes, such as patching cracks with store-bought crack filler, may provide temporary relief but often fail to address the root causes of the problems.
  4. Time-Consuming: Driveway repair can be time-consuming and labor-intensive, particularly for inexperienced individuals. Homeowners might find themselves investing significant effort with minimal progress.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Driveway Repair Services

To achieve enduring and effective driveway repairs, consider hiring a professional team like G&G Driveways, who bring the following advantages:

  1. Expertise and Experience: Professional driveway repair contractors possess the necessary skills and knowledge to identify and address various pavement issues correctly. They can quickly assess the extent of damage, suggest appropriate repair methods, and execute the project efficiently.
  2. High-Quality Materials and Tools: Professionals use industry-grade materials and equipment for driveway repairs, ensuring higher-quality workmanship and more durable results than DIY solutions.
  3. Comprehensive Approach: Professional teams, such as G&G Driveways, not only treat existing problems but also implement preventive measures to minimize the risks of future damage. These measures may include sealcoating, which protects the asphalt surface from harmful elements, or proper drainage installation to prevent water damage.
  4. Enhanced Curb Appeal: A professionally repaired and maintained driveway significantly improves your property’s visual appeal, contributing to a better overall impression on visitors, potential homebuyers, and even passersby.
  5. Time and Cost Savings: By leaving your driveway repair to qualified professionals, you save time that can be allocated to other tasks while avoiding potentially costly mistakes or poorly executed repairs that require further attention.

Choosing the Right Professional Driveway Repair Services: G&G Driveways

To leverage the benefits of professional driveway repairism, it’s essential to select a reliable and reputable team, such as G&G Driveways. What sets us apart?

  1. Extensive Experience: With years of industry experience, our skilled technicians can confidently address a wide range of pavement issues using cost-effective and enduring solutions.
  2. Customized Solutions: Every driveway is unique, and our team will tailor repair plans to your specific needs, taking into account factors like the extent of damage, local climate conditions, and traffic load.
  3. Comprehensive Repair Services: G&G Driveways provide both minor and major repair services, including crack filling, pothole patching, sealcoating, drainage solutions, and more.
  4. Quality Assurance: Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond the services we provide. We meticulously inspect each completed repair to verify it meets the highest industry standards and your expectations.

The Importance of Regular Driveway Maintenance

Regular maintenance is key to preserving the longevity and appearance of your driveway. This includes:

  1. Crack Filling: Address hairline cracks before they escalate, preventing water infiltration and subsequent damage.
  2. Sealcoating: Regularly sealcoating your driveway can protect its surface from harmful UV rays, chemical spills, and weather-related impacts while also refreshing its appearance.
  3. Monitoring Drainage: Ensure adequate drainage is in place to avoid water-related issues.
  4. Scheduling regular inspections: Hire professionals like G&G Driveways for periodic evaluations to identify potential problems early and address them before they worsen.

By partnering with a professional team like G&G Driveways, you can enjoy the benefits of expert driveway repairs and regular maintenance, ensuring a beautiful and durable surface that increases the appeal and value of your Texas property.


Opting for DIY driveway repairs can lead to an array of challenges, including inadequate tools and materials, lack of experience, ineffective solutions, and time-consuming efforts. High-quality, lasting results are best achieved by employing professional driveway repair services like G&G Driveways. By choosing a reliable and experienced team to address your pavement issues, you can enjoy numerous benefits, such as expertise and experience, high-quality materials, comprehensive repair plans, enhanced curb appeal, and time and cost savings.

G&G Driveways are dedicated to providing tailored solutions for your unique driveway repair needs. Our range of comprehensive services, including crack filling, pothole patching, sealcoating, and more, ensures that your driveway remains in superb condition for years to come. Don’t let DIY driveway repairs fall short and jeopardize your Texas property’s value and appeal. Trust us for exceptional, long-lasting pavement solutions tailored to your specific needs. Contact us today for a free consultation and quote!

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The Ultimate Parking Lot Repair Checklist: Assess & Address Issues with G&G Driveways

parking lot

A well-maintained parking lot is crucial for creating a positive first impression for your customers and maintaining a safe environment. However, identifying the extent of damages and necessary repairs can be overwhelming for business owners. This comprehensive guide offers an easy-to-follow checklist that helps Texas business owners assess their parking lot’s repair needs accurately and efficiently.

From pothole patching to striping restoration, this article will walk you through the essential elements of parking lot assessment and provide valuable insights into how G&G Driveways cater to your unique repair needs. Our expert team’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction positions us as your go-to choice for addressing parking lot issues and maintaining an immaculate surface that boosts your property’s appeal and safety.

By following this complete checklist and partnering with G&G Driveways, business owners can ensure a well-preserved and visually appealing parking lot that reflects positively on their establishment and enhances the overall experience for customers and employees alike.

Assessing Your Parking Lot’s Surface Condition

The first step in evaluating your parking lot’s repair needs is to inspect the pavement’s surface condition. Carefully walk the entire area, observing any noticeable issues, and note the following concerns:

  1. Cracks: Take note of any visible cracks, their size, and the overall severity. Cracks can vary from hairline fractures to larger, more pronounced crevices, each requiring a different repair approach.
  1. Potholes: Identify any depressions or holes in the pavement surface, paying careful attention to their depth and size. Potholes can pose significant safety hazards and should be addressed promptly by professionals like G&G Driveways.
  1. Faded Markings and Striping: Survey the visibility and condition of parking space lines, crosswalks, handicap spaces, and other essential markings. Faded or chipped striping can impact parking lot functionality and safety.
  1. Oil and Grease Stains: Keep an eye out for any oil or grease spots that could cause damage to the asphalt and compromise the lot’s appearance.
  1. Standing Water: Inspect your parking lot after rain to spot any areas with poor drainage or water pooling, indicating potential structural issues or the need for a drainage solution.

Inspecting Your Parking Lot’s Drainage System

A well-designed and fully functional drainage system plays a vital role in protecting your parking lot from water damage. During your assessment, pay attention to the following drainage elements:

  1. Slope and Grading: Ensure your parking lot’s slope directs water away from your establishment and efficiently channels it to the drainage system.
  1. Inlets and Catch Basins: Check for any clogs or debris accumulation that could obstruct water flow. Regular maintenance of catch basins is crucial for effective drainage and avoiding costly repair issues.
  1. Culverts and pipes: Inspect these drainage components for structural damage, blockages, or signs of corrosion which could impact their functional efficiency.
  1. Ditch Lines and Swales: Examine these elements for erosion, debris accumulation, or insufficient grading that could lead to water backups and damage to your asphalt surface.

Evaluating Your Parking Lot’s Accessibility and Safety Features

In addition to the physical condition of your parking lot, it is essential to evaluate its accessibility and compliance with safety regulations. Consider the following key aspects:

  1. Handicap Spaces and Ramps: Ensure all handicap parking spaces and ramps are in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines, including proper sizing, striping, and signage. This helps create an inclusive environment while avoiding potential legal issues.
  1. Clear Signage: Verify that all directional signs, speed limits, and other essential signs are visible, correctly positioned, and legible for drivers and pedestrians.
  1. Lighting: Evaluate your parking lot’s lighting, ensuring all fixtures are functioning, providing ample illumination for safety and security during nighttime hours.
  1. Pedestrian Walkways: Inspect crosswalks, sidewalks, and pedestrian areas for any cracks, uneven surfaces, or other hazards that could lead to slips and falls.

Identifying the Most Suitable Repair Method for Your Parking Lot

Once you’ve completed a thorough assessment of your parking lot, the next step is to identify the appropriate repair method that fits your specific needs. Consult with G&G Driveways to devise tailored repair plans that address the identified issues most effectively. Some common repair methods Include:

  1. Crack Filling: Professional crack filling services, like those offered by G&G Driveways, are essential in addressing minor to moderate pavement cracks and preventing water infiltration and further damage to the asphalt.
  1. Pothole Patching: Promptly addressing potholes with expert patching services not only improves the overall appearance of your parking lot but also protects against liabilities arising from tripping hazards or vehicle damages.
  1. Sealcoating: A protective sealcoat layer can preserve your parking lot’s appearance, protect it from harmful elements such as oil and UV rays, and extend its lifespan – making it a wise investment for long-term maintenance.
  1. Restriping: Refreshing faded or chipped parking lot markings can significantly improve safety and functionality, ensuring clear delineations for parking spaces, pedestrian walkways, and other critical zones.
  1. Drainage Solutions: Proper drainage systems are crucial in protecting your parking lot from water damage. Collaborate with G&G Driveways to identify and implement suitable drainage solutions tailored to your specific needs.
  1. Asphalt Resurfacing: For more extensive damage or aging pavement, asphalt resurfacing may be a necessary solution. G&G Driveways can evaluate your parking lot’s condition and recommend the most suitable resurfacing option to optimally revitalize its appearance and performance.


A well-maintained parking lot is essential for creating a positive first impression among customers and ensuring a safe environment. By utilizing the comprehensive checklist provided in this guide, Texas business owners can effectively assess their parking lot’s repair needs and address them in a timely manner. Working with experienced professionals like G&G Driveways guarantees high-quality, long-lasting solutions tailored to your unique requirements.

At G&G Driveways, Our team of asphalt  and sealcoating contractors offers a wide range of repair and maintenance services, including crack filling, pothole patching, sealcoating, striping restoration, and drainage solutions, to help keep your parking lot in pristine condition and extend its lifespan. Trust us to prioritize your business’s overall success with unparalleled expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction. Request a free consultation and quote to discover how we can transform and protect your Texas property’s parking area!

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A Comprehensive Guide to Asphalt Driveway Repair and Maintenance

asphalt driveway

Asphalt driveways are not only a cost-effective solution for residential and commercial properties, but they also add an aesthetic appeal and increase property value. With that being said, proper maintenance and repair are crucial to ensure the longevity of your asphalt surface. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore various steps homeowners and businesses can take to protect their investments and make their asphalt driveways last as long as possible.

First, we will discuss how to identify common asphalt issues and their causes, including cracks, potholes, and fading. By spotting these issues early, property owners can take timely measures to avoid further damage and more extensive repairs.

Next, we will delve into the different repair options available for each type of problem and provide guidance on when it’s best to consider a more extensive resurfacing or replacement project. Some repairs may be more suitable for the do-it-yourself audience, while others might require the expertise of an experienced asphalt contractor. Understanding the pros and cons of each repair method will help property owners make informed decisions about which solution is best for their unique situation.

Furthermore, we will highlight the importance of regular maintenance to prevent asphalt issues from occurring in the first place. From sealcoating to timely cleaning and simple driveway inspections, these preventative measures can significantly extend the lifespan of an asphalt driveway and save property owners money in the long run.

Finally, this guide will also cover how to find a reputable asphalt repair service provider in your area. With many contractors offering various asphalt services, it can be challenging to choose the right company for your project. We will provide tips and key factors to consider when selecting a provider to ensure a high-quality and hassle-free experience.

Join us as we embark on this journey to help you better understand asphalt driveway repair and maintenance, safeguarding your investment, and elevating your property’s overall appeal. Remember, a well-maintained asphalt driveway not only enhances your property’s aesthetics but also contributes to a safer and more comfortable environment for both residents and businesses alike.

A Comprehensive Guide to Asphalt Driveway Repair and Maintenance

Identifying Common Asphalt Issues and Their Causes

To effectively maintain and repair your asphalt driveway, it’s essential to start by identifying the common problems that can arise and understand what causes them. This way, you can take timely measures to address these issues before they escalate into more significant concerns. Below are some of the most common asphalt driveway issues and their underlying causes:

  1. Cracking: There are several types of asphalt cracks, such as alligator cracks, longitudinal cracks, and edge cracks. These cracks can result from various factors, including the natural aging process of asphalt, poor initial installation, tree roots, and heavy vehicle traffic. Moreover, exposure to extreme temperature fluctuations or harsh weather conditions can also cause cracks in the asphalt.
  1. Potholes: Potholes are another prevalent issue that can occur when water penetrates the asphalt surface and softens the base material. Over time, the asphalt deteriorates, resulting in a depression or hole. When vehicles drive over these weakened areas, the continuous impact causes the depression to grow, leading to a pothole.
  1. Fading: The rich black color of a newly installed asphalt driveway can start to fade over time, primarily due to exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun. Other factors that contribute to asphalt fading include poor quality asphalt binder used during installation, harsh chemicals used for cleaning, and insufficient maintenance.
  1. Rutting: When continuous heavy traffic exposes the asphalt surface to stress, it may cause depressions in the asphalt, known as rutting. These ruts can affect driveway drainage and reduce the surface’s overall durability and longevity.

Exploring Asphalt Repair Options for Different Issues

Now that we understand the common asphalt issues and their causes, let’s explore the various repair options available.

  1. Crack Filling: Filling cracks with a high-quality sealant is one of the most cost-effective and straightforward methods to repair minor asphalt cracks. This process involves cleaning the cracks thoroughly by removing debris and weeds and then applying a specialized crack filler to seal the crack, preventing further water intrusion and damage.
  1. Pothole Patching: Repairing potholes involves removing any loose or damaged material around the pothole, filling the hole with an appropriate asphalt mix, and then compacting the material to create a smooth, even surface.
  1. Sealcoating: Sealcoating is a protective layer applied to the asphalt surface to restore its appearance, protect against UV rays, and slow down the oxidation process. This preventative maintenance procedure can significantly extend the lifespan of your asphalt driveway while also improving its curb appeal.
  1. Resurfacing or Overlay: For asphalt driveways with more extensive damage, resurfacing (also known as an overlay) might be the ideal solution. This process involves adding a new layer of asphalt over the existing surface, providing a fresh, even surface that will last for years with proper maintenance.

Understanding the Importance of Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance plays a crucial role in keeping your asphalt driveway in optimal condition, preventing potential issues from developing and extending its lifespan. Below are some of the key maintenance practices all property owners should engage in:

  1. Regular Inspections: Make it a habit to inspect your asphalt driveway periodically for signs of wear and tear or other issues such as cracks or potholes. Catching these issues early will help prevent them from worsening and save you money in the long run.
  1. Cleaning: Keep your driveway clean by sweeping away dirt, debris, and leaves that can accumulate and potentially cause damage. In the case of oil or gas spills, clean them up immediately using a suitable degreaser to prevent permanent staining or penetration into the asphalt.
  1. Sealcoating: As mentioned earlier, applying a sealcoat every 2-4 years can prolong your driveway’s lifespan and enhance its overall appearance. Make sure to follow any specific instructions provided by your asphalt contractor when scheduling regular sealcoating.

Choosing the Right Asphalt Repair Service Provider

When selecting an asphalt repair service provider, it’s essential to consider factors such as experience, reputation, licensing, and insurance. Research various providers and get multiple quotes and references to make an informed choice about which company will best suit your needs.


Proper asphalt driveway repair and maintenance can save property owners money and ensure the driveway’s longevity. Understanding the common asphalt issues, the range of repair options, and the importance of regular maintenance is crucial for keeping your driveway in prime condition. Additionally, selecting a reputable asphalt service provider is a key factor in ensuring high-quality results and a stress-free experience. By following this comprehensive guide, you can protect your investment, improve your property’s aesthetics, and enjoy a safe, functional driveway for years to come.

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Affordable Driveway Sealing

Affordable Driveway Sealing

Maintaining and enhancing the appeal of your driveway is not just an aesthetic choice but also a practical measure to ensure its longevity. The harsh elements of weather and regular vehicle traffic can cause your driveway to deteriorate over time. One solution to protect your driveway and make it look new again is sealing. However, driveway sealing can often come with a hefty price tag. Luckily, affordable driveway sealing services are available for those on a tight budget.

Affordable driveway sealing is a cost-effective way to protect your driveway from cracks, water damage, and other wear and tear. With a little research, you can find professionals who offer high-quality sealing services at reasonable prices. Not only will sealing your driveway save you money in the long run by preventing costly repairs, but it will also enhance your home’s curb appeal.

Benefits Of Driveway Sealing – Seal A Driveway With Sealcoating

Driveway sealing is the process of applying a protective layer on top of existing asphalt driveways to extend their lifespan and enhance their appearance. There are various benefits of driveway sealing, the most prevalent being a long-lasting, protective barrier against weather conditions that can deteriorate the pavement. Sealing helps prevent cracks and potholes and also contends with the damage done by snow, rain, sunlight, and heavy vehicles.

Moreover, sealed driveways look more attractive and sleek, making a home or business more appealing. And while you may be thinking that driveway sealing is an expensive service, it’s actually worth the investment. In fact, cost-effective options exist, given the protection, durability, and easy maintenance it brings. For homeowners that want to add value and prestige to their property, driveway sealing is an ideal option. So, if you’re wondering how much does asphalt driveway sealing costs? This varies based on several factors, such as size, location, and accessibility.

How Much Does Driveway Sealing Cost – Asphalt Driveway Sealing Cost And Average Cost Per Square Foot

The cost of sealing a driveway with seal coating can vary depending on several factors. Generally, the cost ranges from $0.10 to $0.25 per square foot, with an average-size driveway costing around $200 to $500 for a standard application. The cost can increase if the driveway requires extra preparation work, such as filling cracks, removing stains, or repairing surface damage. The type of sealant used can also affect the cost, with some high-quality sealants costing more than lower-grade options.

Affordable Driveway Sealing

It is recommended to get a quote from a professional contractor to determine the exact cost of sealing your driveway. Additionally, sealing a driveway is a worthwhile investment to protect it from weather damage and prolong its lifespan. It is important to regularly maintain and seal your driveway to prevent expensive repairs in the future.

Why Choose G & G Driveways For Concrete Driveway Repair – Extend The Life Of Your Driveway

If you’re looking for a professional team to handle your concrete driveway repair needs, look no further than G & G Driveways. With years of experience and dedication to quality, we have established ourselves as a trusted name in the industry. Our team of experts can handle any repair or maintenance issue, from cracks and potholes to full re-sealing and resurfacing. By choosing G & G Driveways, you can extend the life of your driveway and protect your investment for years to come. We use only the best materials and the most advanced techniques to ensure high-quality, long-lasting repairs that stand the test of time. Plus, our friendly and knowledgeable team is always available to answer your questions and help you make the best decision for your specific needs. Don’t let a damaged driveway bring down your property value or curb appeal; call G & G Driveways today for reliable, affordable repair services!

Affordable Driveway Sealing

Our asphalt sealcoating services are the best. Our driveway sealer and driveway sealcoating reseal your driveway or parking to increase your home’s curb appeal and help it look better. We seal an asphalt and check the manufacturer’s instructions for driveway sealing projects and coal tar emulsion. We provide the square footage of the driveway for many homeowners. We use a pressure washer and eco-friendly sprayer to cover your asphalt cracks with a crack filler for residential driveways and parking lots where foot traffic is heavy. We have solvent or water-based acrylics that prevent water to stay on the driveway if your driveway needs to be sealed.

Bottom Line – DIY Driveway Sealing With Affordable Price For Many Homeowners

Opting for affordable driveway sealing is a wise choice for homeowners who want to maintain their driveways in good condition while also keeping their expenses in check. By hiring professionals who offer affordable sealing services, homeowners can ensure that their driveways are protected from water damage, oil stains, and other types of wear and tear. Additionally, regular sealing can extend the life of the driveway, prevent cracks from spreading and improve its overall appearance. However, it is important to choose a reliable and experienced contractor who uses quality products and does not compromise on safety. Ultimately, investing in affordable sealing services is an investment in the longevity and functionality of the driveway that will save homeowners both time and money in the long run.

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Parking Lot Sealcoating

Parking Lot Sealcoating

Parking Lot Sealcoating and Commercial Asphalt Paving – Sealcoat an Asphalt Parking Lot or Driveway

Maintaining a parking lot is a crucial aspect for businesses and property owners to ensure safety, convenience, and curb appeal. One of the most efficient and affordable ways to protect a parking lot from weather and wear is through sealcoating. It involves applying a protective layer of asphalt emulsion, tar, or acrylic sealant over the existing pavement to prevent damage caused by water, UV rays, and chemicals. The sealcoat application not only enhances the pavement’s durability but also improves its appearance by restoring the black color and providing a uniform texture. In this article, we’ll dive deeper into the benefits of parking lot sealcoating, the application process, and how frequently it should be done to maintain a long-lasting, functional parking area.

What Is The Difference Between Commercial Asphalt Sealcoating and Asphalt Pavement?

Commercial parking lot asphalt sealcoating is a preventative measure taken to protect asphalt pavement sealcoating. Sealcoating involves the application of a protective layer over the existing asphalt surface to protect it from the damaging effects of water, sunlight, and other elements. Asphalt pavement, on the other hand, refers to the initial layer of asphalt that is installed as a road, parking lot, or other paved areas. Commercial asphalt sealcoating is not a substitute for the proper installation and maintenance of asphalt pavement. It is a necessary step in extending the life of the pavement by protecting it from cracks, potholes, and other forms of damage. Without proper sealcoating, asphalt pavement can deteriorate rapidly, leading to costly repairs and replacement. Conversely, with proper sealcoating, asphalt pavement can last for decades.

Benefits Of Asphalt Sealcoating – Asphalt Parking Lot Sealcoat

Asphalt sealcoating has become a highly popular practice among business owners and property managers who want to maintain the appearance and functionality of their commercial properties. This process involves applying a protective layer of asphalt on the surface of the parking lot or driveway, which can protect it from a variety of harsh weather conditions, such as sun, rain, snow, and wind. Furthermore, applying an asphalt sealcoat can help prevent the premature aging of the asphalt and extend the lifespan of your parking lot or driveway.

Parking Lot Sealcoating

Additionally, sealcoating can enhance the appearance of the asphalt by creating a sleek, uniform surface that is much more aesthetically pleasing than a worn, faded surface. By investing in asphalt sealcoating, you can significantly reduce the costs of repairing or replacing an asphalt surface and create a safer, more pleasant environment for customers and visitors.

Why Choose G & G Driveways For Your Asphalt Paving Needs?

If you’re in need of quality asphalt paving services, G & G Driveways is the company for you. With years of experience in the industry, they have the expertise necessary to handle any paving project, large or small. The team at G & G Driveways is committed to providing their clients with exceptional craftsmanship and customer service. The sealer can be applied to cover small cracks and damages. You should sealcoat every three years, and the sealer is a dark black color, and the process ensures that pavement markings are used in the right place in pavement sealing.

When the process is complete, there is a process of resurface with silica sand which is capable of applying a lot of amounts of water used in sealcoat. Pavement oxidizes the coat of sealer and makes it high-quality asphalt, and increases pavement life. It helps you sealcoat your driveways and parking lots. Then pressure washing will not do any harm to the new asphalt that is sealcoated. And if you want to unseal it, it is very easy to remove the emulsion sealer using a pump system. If you see a squeegee during the curing time, call us immediately.

We don’t use harsh chemicals, and if temperature changes and you have air blowers, this is a protective barrier from water seepage. You should do proper asphalt maintenance and parking lot maintenance and remove oil spots that are good for the pavement surface, and pavement maintenance become easy. Apply pavement sealer to avoid wear and tear.

Parking Lot Sealcoating

They only use high-quality materials and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure long-lasting results. In addition to their paving services, they also provide maintenance and repair work for existing asphalt surfaces. G & G Driveways strives to complete every project on time and within budget, making them the ideal choice for any paving needs you may have. Call today to see how we can help transform your property.

Bottom Line – Parking Lot Seal Coat

Parking lots are a critical aspect of a business or commercial property, and they require constant maintenance to remain in good condition. One of the best preventative maintenance measures that can be taken is to apply a seal coat. A seal coat is a protective layer applied to the surface of the asphalt, which helps to prevent damage caused by weather, oil, oxidation, and other factors. It can extend the life of a parking lot by up to ten years, and it also enhances the appearance of the space. A professional application of seal coat is a cost-effective way to protect an investment in a parking lot and ensure its longevity. It is essential to hire a reputable contractor with experience in the application of seal coats to ensure the best possible results. So, if you want to save money and prolong the life of your parking lot and enhance its curb appeal, a seal coat is a right solution for you.

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benefits of recycled asphalt pavement| -Chipsealtx

benefits of using recycled asphalt:

Asphalt is a widely used material in the construction industry due to its durability and cost-effectiveness. Recycled asphalt is a great choice for anyone looking for environmentally friendly building material. It is created from reclaimed asphalt pavement, which means that it is made from previously used asphalt that has been broken down and processed into new material. This not only reduces the number of new materials necessary to create roads

but also helps reduce landfill waste. Additionally, recycled asphalt is more durable than traditional asphalt and can last up to three times longer. It also requires less maintenance over time, making it a cost-effective solution for many paving projects. Overall, using recycled asphalt is a great way to go green while still getting the same quality performance as traditional asphalt.. This article will discuss the benefits of using recycled asphalt in construction projects, including its cost savings, sustainability, and performance.

what is asphalt recycling?

Asphalt recycling is the process of taking old, broken-down asphalt paving materials such as shingles and driveways, and reusing them to create new asphalt. This is done through a recycling process that takes the original asphalt materials and grinds them down into small pieces. Once the pieces are ground up,

they are combined with other new asphalt materials to form a new mixture that can be used for paving projects big and small, ranging from parking lots to driveways. By recycling existing asphalt materials, we can reduce our carbon footprint while still having access to durable and reliable paving options. Asphalt recycling helps us avoid wasting resources and creating more unnecessary pollution in order to make new asphalt.

benefits of using recycled asphalt pavement:

There are some benefits of recycled asphalt:

The use of recycled asphalt is an environmentally friendly and cost-effective way to produce asphalt. Asphalt production involves the use of aggregate, which can be sourced from a mine or from recycled materials such as old asphalt.

By recycling and reusing the asphalt, the taxpayer saves money, landfills are reduced in size and less virgin asphalt needs to be produced. The process of recycling asphalt typically involves heating up old asphalt in order to separate it into its original components – gravel, and sand – before being screened into the size and mixed with oil.

Using recycled materials reduces the need for quarrying new aggregate material, thus reducing air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions associated with mining activities. Furthermore, using recycled material decreases the amount of energy needed in national asphalt production thus saving costs for taxpayers. In addition to this, using recycled materials helps conserve natural resources by preventing them from being mined as well as helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions by diverting waste from landfills.

Recycled asphalt is an excellent choice for a driveway. It is durable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly. The material used to create recycled asphalt is often sourced from demolished roads or parking lots, which reduces the need for new materials and helps to reduce construction waste.

Additionally, the use of recycled asphalt can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions due to the reduced need for mining and transportation of new materials. Recycled asphalt also holds up well against extreme weather conditions such as heavy rains or snowfall, making it a great choice for driveways in areas with harsher climates.

Furthermore, compared to other paving materials, recycled asphalt requires less maintenance and can last for many years with proper care. All in all, recycled asphalt is an ideal option for creating a safe and long-lasting driveway that’s easy on the environment.

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Get that freshly paved driveway feeling by a Chip Sealing Expert

chip sealing expert



A fresh, newly paved driveway is a thing of beauty. It’s smooth, black surface is the perfect canvas for your tires as you pull in and out of your garage. But that new driveway feeling doesn’t last forever. Weather, time and traffic all take their toll, leaving your once pristine pavement looking dull and gray. But there is hope! Let a chip sealing expert take care of your drive way. Chip sealing is a process that can help restore your driveway to its former glory.

Paved driveways can last for many years

Paved driveways are a great investment for any home. They can last for many years with proper maintenance. Chip sealing is one of the best ways to maintain a paved driveway. A chip sealing expert can help you keep your driveway in tip-top shape. Here are some tips to follow to make sure your paved driveway lasts for many years.

First, it’s important to regularly sweep and clean your driveway. This will remove any dirt, debris, or leaves that could potentially damage the pavement. Second, you should seal any cracks or holes that appear in the pavement. These cracks can allow water to seep in and cause further damage. Third, you should have your driveway professionally chip sealed every few years. This process will fill any small cracks and holes, and protect the pavement from weathering and wear and tear.

Who can help you chip seal your driveway?

If you’re looking for a professional to help you chip seal your driveway, you’ve come to the right place. At G&G Driveway, we are your Chip Sealing Experts.

G&G Driveways is a licensed, bonded and insured professional paving contractor that has been providing residential property owners with quality driveways for almost there decades.

Our professional team of experienced pavers will first discuss your driveway requirements prior to beginning work. We will analyze how best to go about paving, meeting your needs first and foremost.

We’re an efficient company and will make the chip seal installation a painless and speedy process. Despite our swiftness in installation, we never compromise on quality. Customer satisfaction has been at the heart of our business success from day one and we are not intending to change that. Contact us today to get started.

The process: What is chip sealing and how does it work?

Chip sealing is a pavement maintenance technique that involves applying a layer of asphalt emulsion and aggregate mixture to a paved surface. The chip seal process is often used as an alternative to repaving.

Chip sealing experts say that chip sealing works by protecting the pavement from water and UV damage, while also providing a new wearing surface. The chip seal process begins with the application of an asphalt emulsion to the paved surface. This emulsion will act as a binder for the stone chips that will be applied in the next step.

After the asphalt emulsion has been applied, a layer of aggregate stone is then placed on top of it. A roller is used to press the aggregate into the binder. Once the aggregate has been pressed into the binder, it will set and harden, creating a new wearing surface for your pavement.

The benefits: Why choose chip sealing for your driveway?

When it comes to choosing a method for paving your driveway, you have many options to choose from. But if you want a durable, long-lasting option that will protect your driveway and keep it looking great for years to come, chip sealing is the way to go. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should choose chip sealing for your driveway and hire a chip sealing expert:

1. Chip sealing is a highly effective way to protect your driveway from the elements. The sealant creates a barrier against water, ice, and sun damage, which can all lead to cracking and other problems with your driveway.

2. Chip sealing is also an excellent way to prevent against oil and gas leaks. If you have an older driveway, or one that is made of porous materials like asphalt, then oil and gas can seep through and cause problems.

The cost: How much will it cost to chip seal your driveway?

When it comes to home improvement projects, few are as gratifying as a chip seal driveway. Not only does it add curb appeal and value to your property, but it also protects your investment by sealing out water, dirt, and other debris. But what does chip sealing cost?

The answer depends on a number of factors, including the size of your driveway and the condition of the existing pavement. However, in general, you can expect to pay between $3 and $5 per square foot for a professional chip seal job.

So, if you have a standard two-car driveway that measures 20 feet wide by 40 feet long, the total cost would be somewhere between $2,400 and $4,000. Of course, you could always do it yourself – but we wouldn’t recommend it unless you’re a chip sealing expert.

Get a fresh, newly paved driveway feeling by Chip Sealing Expert

A freshly paved driveway is a great way to improve your home’s curb appeal. But don’t forget about the maintenance! Be sure to have your driveway sealed by a chip sealing expert every few years to keep it looking its best.

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San Antonio Driveway Contractors | Are Driveway Pavers A Good Investment?

San Antonio Driveway Contractors












Thinking of investing in San Antonio driveway contractors?

Chips and Seals TX is a top-rated San Antonio driveway contractors. We are experts in building sidewalks, patios, and driveways. Our team can build you a lovely paver driveway that will raise the value of your house.

Pavers are a great method to improve the appearance and feel of your driveway. They not only give an extra layer of defense from the elements and normal wear and tear, but they also improve your house’s curb appeal.

Our team of qualified San Antonio driveway contractors can assist you in selecting the best pavers for your needs and promptly and expertly installing them. There is a huge variety of colors, styles, and textures to choose from, so you can find something that fits both your preferences and your budget. San Antonio driveway contractors are undoubtedly the best choice if you’re looking to make a long-term investment.

Contact us today for a free consultation! We would be delighted to go through your requirements and provide you with an estimate for our services.

Things to know about San Antonio Driveway Contractors


  • Your driveway can be enhanced visually and acoustically with pavers.
  • They provide an additional level of protection against the elements and deterioration.
  • Pavers can enhance your home’s curb appeal.
  • We provide a huge selection of hues, fashions, and textures.
  • If you’re looking for a long-term investment, driveway pavers are your best choice.

What are the advantages of San Antonio Driveway Contractors?

There are many advantages to choosing pavers for your driveway.


  • Pavers are a long-term investment that will increase the value of your home.
  • Pavers have several advantages in terms of longevity, resilience to the elements, and ease of maintenance.
  • Pavers also have a wide range of colors, patterns, and textures, making them highly versatile. This implies that there is something available, whatever your taste or price range.
  • It is extremely simple to replace a single paver if it is broken without restoring the entire driveway.

If you’re considering investing in a new driveway, then pavers are definitely worth considering.

What is the best way to clean pavers?

There are several methods for cleaning pavers.


  • One way is to sweep them with a broom or brush simply. In this manner, all loose dirt and debris will be eliminated.
  • Another method is to wash them down with a yard hose. This will clear away any surface grit or dirt.
  • A pressure washer can be used for harder stains. To prevent harming the pavers, use a low setting when using the mower.
  • A cleaner made especially for cleaning pavers can also be used. To prevent harming the pavers, be careful to adhere to the cleaner’s directions.

Are there different types of pavers?

Yes, there are three main types of pavers available on the market.


  • Concrete
  • Brick
  • Stone
  • Marble
  • Porcelain
  • Plastic
  • Rubber


Concrete pavers are the most common type of paver. Cement, sand, water, and aggregate are the main ingredients used in their creation. They are a popular option for many homes since they are cost-effective and adaptable.

Brick pavers are made of clay that has been baked in a kiln. Despite sometimes being more expensive than concrete pavers, they are strong and durable. They are also susceptible to fading and staining over time.

Despite being the most expensive, stone pavers are also the most robust. They are made from natural stone, such as granite, limestone, or slate. Stone pavers are less likely to fade or stain over time but require more maintenance than concrete or brick pavers.

Marble pavers are made from natural marble. They are beautiful but require regular maintenance to avoid staining and fading.

Ceramics is the material used to make porcelain pavers. They are strong and durable despite often being more expensive than brick or concrete pavers.

Plastic waste is used to make plastic pavers. Although they are an inexpensive and environmentally beneficial option, they are not as strong as other kinds of pavers.

Rubber pavers are made from recycled tires. They are a durable and eco-friendly option but can be more expensive than concrete or brick pavers. They are also susceptible to fading and staining over time.


You may be sure that you’ll get a high-quality product that will last for many years no matter what kind of paver you choose. Every kind of paver has particular advantages and disadvantages of its own. Explore your options to choose the perfect paver for your requirements and hire our San Antonio driveway contractors today.


FAQs for San Antonio driveway contractors

Can I install pavers myself?

Installing pavers is not a difficult task, but it is one best left to professionals of San Antonio driveway contractors. If you attempt to install them yourself, there is a risk of damaging the pavers or having them installed improperly. This could void any warranty that may come with the pavers. It is crucial to allow a pro handle the installation for it to be done properly.

Are pavers high maintenance?

Pavers are actually very easy to maintain.

As long as you sweep them regularly and seal them every few years, they will last for decades with little to no maintenance.

Of course, if one paver becomes damaged, it’s important to call our San Antonio driveway contractors and repair it as soon as possible to avoid further damage. But overall, pavers are low-maintenance materials.


How long do pavers last?

With the right maintenance, pavers are a hard material that can survive for 25 to 50 years. Cleaning and sealing your pavers on a regular basis every few years can help them endure as long as feasible. Additionally, it’s crucial to get any damage fixed right away. With the right upkeep, pavers can last for many years.

What is the difference between concrete and brick pavers?

The main difference between concrete and brick pavers is their composition. Concrete pavers are made from a mixture of cement and other materials. Clay that has been fired in a kiln is used to create brick pavers.

Concrete pavers are more affordable than brick pavers but are less durable. Brick pavers are more expensive but are more durable.

Both types of pavers are low-maintenance and easy to install. Our San Antonio driveway contractors are equipped to do both so it’s crucial to select the best kind of paver for your requirements.

The Bottom Line

Pavers are a fantastic house investment. They not only improve curb appeal but also outlast concrete or asphalt in terms of durability. They add value to your property and are durable, long-lasting surfaces that will last for years.

If you’re considering adding pavers to your driveway or patio, contact us today for a free consultation. Our San Antonio driveway contractors would be happy to help you get started on this exciting project!

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Driveway Paving Service in Canyon lake

Driveway Paving Service in Canyon lake

G&G Driveway is a family-owned private sector business that provides asphalt driveways with paver border, pavement repair, and pavements for addition. We are a short distance from the Canyon lake metropolitan area.

Our services include both paving and repairs. We offer driveway paving and repairs. We also provide pavements for addition, including driveways, balconies, and porches. We are a provider of pavements for expansion, including repairs and reinforcements.

We are a company that has the experience and knowledge to get the job done well. We have a team dedicated to providing excellent services and technology to help our customers’ changing needs. We are a company that takes pride in our work and customer experience.

Driveway Paving:

Driveway pavements are essential for several reasons. They provide a beautiful surface for the summer sun to shine on and a more durable surface in the winter.

Paving your driveway is essential to keep it clean and healthy. It’s also important to keep it looking good- with the right skills, there are a lot of great pavements to be had in Canyon lake. If you’re looking for a pavements company in Canyon lake, chances are they’ll be on hand to help with whatever needs you have. They’ll have a comfy chair and smartphone, so you can focus on what’s important- like driving away with clean, shining Driveway Paving Canyon lake, TX.

Driveway Sealing:

You can trust driveway sealing if you are looking for a driveway sealant that will protect your driveways and products. We understand that your driveways are a place where people go and want to feel secure when they are there. Their surface must be clean and free of dirt and dust. Drives should be coated with a driveway sealant to protect the material and the driveways. This will help to keep the driveways free of dirt and dust and help to keep the area tidy.

How to seal a driveway with Chips and Seals TX:

Chips and Seals are the perfect choice if you’re looking for an easy and affordable driveway sealer. We offer period-style chips and seals to keep your driveway looking its best for years to come. Our team of experienced professionals can help you get your driveway back to its original maintenance state, giving you time to live a comfortable life without disruption. We focus on providing top-quality services at a discounted price, so you can focus on completing other tasks around your home. We hope you’ll call us when your driveway is ready for another sealant/sealant!

Tips for driveway sealing and paving:

Tips for sealing your driveway with Chips and Seals:

  • Choose One Size of Sealer:

The size of the sealer you use will be important in predicting the results that it will achieve. If you use a small sealer, the driveway will not be sealed, and if a large sealer is used. 

  • Wait for the Regulars:

The best way to wait for the regulars is when the sealant is still new and not too close to use. This will ensure that the sealer has a chance to work its magic.

  • Use a Johnsons:

If the sealant is used regularly, it will have a longer life and be the best choice for the driveway. Using a Johnsons enables the driveway to have a regular sealer life.

  • Use a Good Wheel:

An excellent way to improve the quality of your driveway is to use it every day as you drive. This will enhance the quality of the sealant and increase the driveway’s life.

  • Always use the latest and greatest technology when designing your driveway and sealing services.
  • Always have a complete system for monitoring your garden and home area from a single location.
  • Always use the best sealers and driveway cleaning products available.
  • Always take necessary safety precautions while working on your driveway or sealing project.
  • Keep a safe environment in mind while working on your driveway or sealing project.

Prepare your driveway for sealing with Chips and Seals, TX.

Are you looking for a reliable, affordable driveway sealer? Chips and Seals are the perfect resources for you. We offer cheap hostility sealers that are sure to get your driveway back to look and feel new!

Our chips and seals team is experienced and passionate about preparing and sealing your pavements with success. We use the latest technology and techniques to get the burial perfect for your convenience.

If you’re not happy with the look of your driveway, don’t worry, we can help you back to where you want it. We have various pavements to help you get your driveway back as it always was.

If you need a pavement, paving, or projective removal company, don’t hesitate to contact us! We have a wide selection of the best providers who will get your driveway sealant perfect for you.

Why use Chips and Seals?

There are a few reasons anyone would want to use Chips and Seals as your driveway sealer. Our chips and seal technology is designed to be as efficient as possible, so your driveway will stay sealed even when you’re not at home or the office. Begins as an active transportation route for about 60% of Canyon lake’s population. This means that Cars, hotties, and Out-of-Towners often travel on the weekends and during the week. So, they need to be worry-free while wearing our chips and seal technology.


The G&G Driveway company you rely on feathered over time and has a wide variety of services such as sealant and sealant coating, but we at G&G Driveways are the only ones who can repair and sealants on asphalt driveway with paver border, including sealant.

The G&G Driveway team is available 24/7 to help with all your paving and sealing needs! We would be more than happy to help you [amend or improve the driveway] with whatever is needed, from sand, slag, or sealant. We are confident our experienced workers are the best in the industry and can provide an estimate and service Elite Guarantee.

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